These days, bands will do just about anything to promote their new albums. Viral campaigns, intricate online treasure hunts, fake websites, fabricated stories ... the list goes on and on. That's why, when we woke up this morning, a story about Five Finger Death Punch gave us pause. You see, according to the Las Vegas-based band, they can't find guitarist Zoltan Bathory. They haven't had any contact with him since Friday night, when the band performed live in Sin City. "He has not responded to calls, text messages, or emails, and he was last seen around Friday night at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Casino, taking tequila shots at the bar with a group of guys from a bachelor party who came to the show," the band says, asking that anyone with information on Zoltan's whereabouts contact them. "This is not like him, and the band needs to prepare for the upcoming tour. We have already notified the appropriate authorities, but any help Vegas fans might be able to provide is very much appreciated." Five Finger Death Punch's new album hits stores tomorrow, leading some sites to speculate that this is all a publicity stunt. We're hoping Zoltan's safe and sound, and with that, let's get to the rest of today's headlines.

+ Ozzy Osbourne is finally talking about Zakk Wylde and the guitarist's status in his band. "I haven't fallen out with Zakk; he's a very good ... Our relationship goes way beyond music," Ozzy is quoted as saying. "I just wanted to ... He's got his own thing now, he's got his own band, he's got his own career -- he don't need me anymore. I've a got a guy, Gus G., a guy from Greece -- not the musical, the country of Greece."

+ Chimaira's rhythm guitarist, Matt DeVries, will have to sit out the remainder of the band's European tour so that he can be back in the States for the birth of his son. Emil Werstler of Daath will be taking over for him. DeVries is expected to rejoin the band for its tour with Trivium that kicks off on Oct. 29.

+ Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum and his girlfriend, Ace Harper, were recently featured on an episode of 'Dog Whisperer' on the National Geographic channel. The show's host, professional dog trainer Cesar Millan, is helping Sorum's French bulldog Miles.

+ Current and former members of Screams or Erida, the Acacia Strain, Seeker Destroyer and others have teamed up to form a new band called Martyrs and Madmen. You can hear what they're up to over at the band's MySpace page.

+ Congratulations to Sully Erna, frontman for Godsmack, who was recently engaged to the love of his life, Jennifer Cabezon. The couple have been together eight years, "living through the ups and downs of life," and now, will be wed. A date has been set for the couple's nuptials, but that date is being kept under wraps ... you know, so the thousands of paparazzi that follow him around don't catch wind of it.

+ Horse the Band are giving fans 10 reasons to pick up their new one, 'Desperate Living,' when it comes out Oct. 6. If you get the disc through iTunes, you'll get ten additional bonus tracks ... mostly remixes. But hey, we're game.

+ Rotting Christ have commenced the recording of their forthcoming album, which should be ready in time for an early 2010 release. The band says the new disc will "have the heavy, soulful load to move the band a step forward from their previous output."

+ Former Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland had a mild seizure during an American Airlines flight last week. According to TMZ, Scott was on a flight from Los Angeles to Miami, and the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Airplane staff administered oxygen to the rocker, who was later transported to a hospital.

+ Eluveitie have entered a recording studio to start tracking their next one. Frontman Chrigel Glanzmann says the songs "will definitely cleave your heads wide open!" We're holding you to that, Chrigel.

+ Gwen Stacy, LoveHateHero, Ice Nine Kills and Stray From the Path will be heading out on tour starting Oct. 17 in South Bend, Ind. So far, dates are booked through Nov. 13 in Toledo, Ohio, but more dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

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