Since reuniting in 2009, industrial icons Godflesh, consisting of Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green, have been careful in adding to their legacy. With an EP and comeback full length to their name in 2014, they've now returned with another caustic dose of heaving heaviness by way of Post Self, which arrives on Nov. 17 on Broadrick's own Avalanche Recordings. It's a step away from their more metal-centric machinations of recent as evident by the cold, contorting nihilism of "Be God," which can be heard below.

Godflesh's music has always been one of experimentation predicated on driving repetition and bleak soundscapes invoking images of smoldering wastelands. "Be God" hinges less on burly, cement-cracking grooves from the overdriven distortion of Green's bass and more on lurching low-end that provides the foundation for abrasive layers of swirling, droning notes.

The suffocated, muddied vocal shrieks are reminiscent of France's Blut Aus Nord, who, in turn, take chief influence from Godflesh. At the tail of the song, the clouds clear in favor of some brighter moments, demonstrating the narrow differences between Godflesh and Broadrick's more calming post-rock outfit Jesu.

Pre-orders for Post Self are available now through the Godflesh Bandcamp page, where you can also check out the title track of the forthcoming record. "Post Self" is a bit more of a traditional track for the band like a cross between the classic Streetcleaner, the beat-driven Us and Them and the more crushing moments found on Hymn.

Godflesh, "Be God"

Godflesh, Post Self Artwork + Track Listing

Avalanch Recordings
Avalanch Recordings

01. "Post Self"
02. "Parasite"
03. "No Body"
04. "Mirror Of Finite Light"
05. "Be God"
06. "The Cyclic End"
07. "Pre Self"
08. "Mortality Sorrow"
09. "In Your Shadow"
10. "The Infinite End"

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