GodfleshFollowing the forthcoming Hellfest reunion in France, industrial legends Godflesh will see their groundbreaking debut re-issued on June 21. The two-disc 'Streetcleaner' is fully remastered and will feature a bonus disc with original mixes, rehearsal demos and live material from the era of the band that inspired so many to welcome electronics into dissonant heaviness.

Originally released in 1989, Godflesh formed after Justin K. Broadrick left Napalm Death seeking out aggression in textures. Bassist G.C. Green soon joined, and together one of the darkest and most-deafening records was born.

'Streetcleaner' track list

Disc one

1. 'Like Rats'

2. 'Christbait Rising'

3. 'Pulp' (Godflesh)'

4. 'Dream Long Dead'

5. 'Head Dirt'

6. 'Devastator/Mighty Trust Krusher'

7. 'Life Is Easy'

9. 'Streetcleaner'

10. 'Locust Furnace'

11. 'Tiny Tears'

12. 'Wound'

13. 'Dead Head'

14. 'Suction'

Disc two

1. 'Like Rats' (Original Unreleased Mix)

2. 'Christbait Rising' (Original Unreleased Mix)

3. 'Pulp' (Original Unreleased Mix)

4. 'Dream Long Dead' (Original Unreleased Mix)

5. 'Head Dirt' (Original Unreleased Mix)

6. 'Streetcleaner' (Live Geneva early 1990)

7. 'Head Dirt' (Live Geneva early 1990)

8. 'Pulp' (Rehearsal May 1989)

9. 'Dream Long Dead' (Rehearsal April 1989)

10. 'Christbait Rising' (Rehearsal April 1989)

11. 'Deadhead' (Original Demo Guitar & Machine 1988)

12. 'Suction' (Original Demo Guitar & Machine 1988)

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