Top 10 Industrial Metal Albums
Redferns / Getty Images Industrial metal has always been the bastard child of two conceptually opposed musical genres. Industrial music, though sonically extreme, is usually accompanied by an intellectual component that includes some sort of socially transgressive or provocative subject matter...
Godflesh, ‘Streetcleaner’ — Reissue
Following the forthcoming Hellfest reunion in France, industrial legends Godflesh will see their groundbreaking debut re-issued on June 21. The two-disc 'Streetcleaner' is fully remastered and will feature a bonus disc with original mixes, rehearsal demos and live material from the era of the band that inspired so many to welcome electronics into dissonant heaviness...
Constants, ‘Love You to Death’ — New Song
It still seems surreal, did it really happen? Did we all just wake up to the knowledge that the brooding Peter Steele of Type O Negative died? Sadly it's all real. But out of grief, a light shines on how many Steele truly inspired over the years -- including ones you would have never expected -- like Constants, a band known for their heavy stargazing sonics...
Zoroaster, ‘Matador’ — New Album
Power trio Zoroaster, who are currently recording their new album 'Matador,' earned the title of Atlanta's loudest band for quite an obvious reason: they play really f---ing loud! "The 'loudest band in Atlanta' thing is something we got tagged with from the early days, when all we cared about was drowning out the hecklers and it was 'full on 11' all of the time," vocalist/guitarist Will

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