There are a lot of similarities between football and metal. Tough sport. Tough music. Both get the adrenaline flowing. Both attract hot girls who like the sport, the sound, and the dudes who play it.

Since he is both an offensive lineman and a metal band frontman, Noisecreep recently asked Free Reign vocalist/guitarist Marc Colombo who is hotter -- sports groupies or metal groupies.

"When playing for the Dallas Cowboys, I would definitely say sports," Colombo told Noisecreep. "It's a whole new level. We're trying to be superstars in rock world, but we're [still] in the process of aiming for that. In our respective sport, we've made it, so I would say the football groupies." That's hardly a shock, since Dallas is known for its beautiful women and well-stocked strip clubs.

Colombo also said that Dallas quarterback Tony Romo "loves" Free Reign and is a locker room fan. He also joked about Romo's own musical aspirations. "He tries to be a superstar and sing Journey, but he respects what we do," Colombo said. "He does a decent a job when he sings, but he's not Steve Perry!"

And what does Cowboys owner Jerry Jones think about his players' second gig?

"I don't think he minds," Colombo said about Jones' view of his extracurricular off-season activities. "He is a great owner, and [the band] shows what else his Dallas Cowboys can do!' Colombo added that Free Reign songs have been played during training warm-ups.

Perhaps the powers-that-be can play a Free Reign video on the massive Jumbotron screen at the new Cowboys stadium.

Free Reign will release 'Heavier Than Metal' on April 19th.

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