If there's one band in the Noisecreep universe that you shouldn't screw around with, it's Free Reign. The hard rock act counts two members of the Dallas Cowboys [singer Marc Colombo and bassist Leonard Davis] and one Miami Dolphin [drummer Cory Procter], as members. Free Reign have already won an award at the Golden God Awards [Most Metal Athletes] and count metal luminaries like Rob Halford, Vinnie Paul, and Zakk Wylde as fans.

Free Reign have just released the aptly titled 'Heavier Than Metal,' their debut album. Noisecreep has the world premiere of 'One Step Away,' the band's brand new video. We also spoke with Marc Colombo about the song and the idea behind the clip.

Watch the video for 'One Step Away'


Noisecreep: What inspired the lyrics to 'One Step Away?'

Marc Colombo: It's about being close to success, but having someone in your life that keeps you from achieving it. I think the video depicts the overall feel of the lyrics with some great dramatic scenes. We are in the process of booking some really cool shows and 'One Step Away' will definitely be in the setlist. Most of our music is heavy with a lot of screaming, this song is a chance to show our versatility and my vocal range.

Did you write the treatment for the video or did the director approach you with it?

Basically, Vernon, our webmaster, hit up a filmmaker and buddy who he really liked the work of, Jamie Brooks, to direct the video. It worked out because Jamie has been a huge fan of the band since Free Reign started up. After a few weeks of listening to the song, Jamie and Sheldon Chick and their production team, Third Identity, came up with a treatment about a doctor who had the perfect life, but his wife gets diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He desperately tries to find the cure to save her.

When he finally finds it he is a moment too late, and he loses his wife. He can no longer carry on his life without her, so he is basically walking the plank to his death throughout the video. In the end he saves millions, but was just one step away from saving the one he loves. We basically wanted something that reflected the song in a very dramatic way, and think the video was able to achieve this. The video took over two months to produce.

Where was it filmed and what was that experience like?

The video was filmed at various abandoned establishments all over Dallas and Fort Worth. It took over a month just to narrow down the best looking location that had that kind of erie/deserted for 50 years look to it. The band shoot was done at Thirllvania Thrill Park in Terrell, Texas. That place is awesome! It's 46 acres of haunted house goodness.

The crew at the park was amazing and let us come in and film wherever we wanted for the entire day. They even brought out flame throwers that shot 40 foot flames, and shot CO2 out of a cryo-jet onto Cory all night as he played drums. The doctor's office scenes we're filmed at Texas Oncology Lewisville. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Clinton Cates, Jason Sibley, and Kathy Jaco for letting us shoot there after hours.

Who are the actors featured in the video?

Byron Mims is the main actor in the video. He is an awesome guy, very easy to work with, and has this positive vibe about him at all times. This was actually his acting debut. We figured he had the right look and facial expressions to pull this role off. I think he worked out perfectly. Destiny Chick played his wife in the video. She is a beautiful girl, and did an amazing job throughout the video.

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