Several members of the Dallas Cowboys offensive line -- Marc Colombo, Cory Procter and Leonard Davis -- have formed Free Reign, a metal band. With each bulky and burly member clocking in at over 300 pounds and with arms the size of anacondas, Free Reign give new meaning to the phrase 'heavy' metal.

Free Reign have signed to Australia's Riot Entertainment, a company primarily known as a metal distribution arm for metal records down under, but Riot also has an in-house record label. While the band has to put its musical aspirations on hold for things like training camp and, you know, the football season, we can safely bet that Eagles, Giants and Redskins fans, no matter how hearty headbangers they may be, won't be rocking out to Free Reign! When discussing the project with ESPN, the band claimed to take influence from the likes of Killswitch Engage.

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