Free Reign

The Dallas Cowboys may have been eliminated from playoff contention in mid-January with their loss to the Minnesota Vikings, but offensive lineman Marc Colombo, who also sings for the metal band Free Reign, is keeping busy in the off-season, promoting his band -- which features fellow offensive lineman Cory Procter on drums and Leonard Davis on bass, alongside non-Cowboys guitarist, Justin Chapman.

Colombo is a lifelong metal fan, telling Noisecreep, "I grew up listening to metal and playing football. I listened to heavy metal before every game I ever played in. I listen to Metallica's 'Ride the Lightning before every game I have ever played. It gets me going on Sundays."

Colombo correlates the sport and the genre easily, since metal is a known for getting testosterone and adrenaline flowing. "They are intertwined for me, and the music gets me going," he said. "The anger and frustration from football works for me on stage, where I am getting loose. It's good release outside of football! Football is so strict and disciplined, and it's technically precise. But when I get on stage, I let go and have fun, and doing something like play a show is a great experience that isn't so disciplined."

The band's debut EP, 'Tragedy,' was released Jan. 26. Musically, it's dark, moody and aggressive -- and better than you'd expect, so don't write Free Reign off so quickly, even if you are a Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants or Washington Redskins fan! 'Rise Up' is a chunky, Disturbed-influence anthem while 'Tragedy' is more contemplative, like a heavier Alice in Chains. The EP was released by Riot Entertainment.

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