The South is a fascinating place. The accents are downright divine. The people are always nice. The food is some of the best in the world. So that's why we yankees in the New York City Noisecreep office are obsessed with life below the Mason-Dixon line and we ask most Southern bands that we interview to tell us their favorite thing about their home region.

So when we recently caught up with Sevendust's always gracious lead singer Lajon Witherspoon, we asked him his two top reasons he's thankful for being American by birth, but Southern by the grace of God.

"Being a country boy, it's all about good eatin' and being around good people as we surround ourselves with good people," Witherspoon told Noisecreep while on the road supporting the band's forthcoming album, 'Cold Day Memory.' The singer was psyched that to see the dudes in Free Reign, who showed up at their show in Texas that evening. "They are the biggest dudes you've ever seen in your life, and it's amazing," the singer laughed.

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