New York City's Flourishing have a singular goal: to create dark, discordant music with drive, influenced by the fury of classic grindcore. The band's debut release, the five-song 'A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World' EP, is due out March 30 on The Path Less Traveled Records. And it's a nasty, noisy amalgam of sensory assassinating metal!

"I'm into adding more melodic based things, textures, layers or subtleties when it feels right and to help create the whole," vocalist/guitarist Garett Bussanick told Noisecreep. "Writing memorable, meaningful songs is important to us. I'm a nerd about writing music and will find myself on a daily basis not only thinking about unfinished music that is on the table and trying to compose in my head, but also obsessing over the approaches of good songwriting, [which is] not a recipe for mental health when I'm in two bands writing at the same time!"

Bussanick pulls double duty in another N.Y.C. underground band, Wetnurse, where he only plays guitar, as Wetnurse have their own singer. Flourishing are currently playing some local shows and working on their first full-length album, with plans to record by the end of the year.

The busy Bussanick manages two gigs with a very different perspective on each by making sure he's not stretched too thin, saying, "Choosing to do more than one project is based on focusing on a certain set of ideas, inspirations and visions that work together exclusively outside of anything else I would already have going on. Of course, playing with different musicians always makes for diversity in the band's output.

"I had been doing the project that has become Flourishing way before I started playing in Wetnurse. I've been playing with Flourishing's drummer, Brian, since early '95 and we've always done projects that are rooted in death metal or grindcore. So it would be accurate to say that playing in Wetnurse is a bit more of a departure from what I've been doing in bands over the years."

He admits the beauty of working on several musical projects simultaneously is "great because you may write something you love that you wouldn't have written having just one outlet."

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