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Trapped Under Ice is one of the most exciting bands in hardcore right now. The Maryland act will soon unleash 'Big Kiss Goodnight,' their latest album of NYHC-inspired songwriting, and it's a beast! Former Shai Hulud vocalist and current New Found Glory guitarist, Chad Gilbert, produced the record which hits stores on October 11th. To celebrate the record's release, Trapped Under Ice vocalist Justice Tripp talked to us about the five albums that changed his life.
'Mentally Vexed'
Crown of Thornz (1996)
This is my all-time favorite record. While its influences draw from all over the board, it sounds like nothing else. It's energetic, and hard; yet dark and emotional. The most important thing I got from it is to find influences in everything: music, life, experiences, art... everything.
'Open Mouth Kiss'
Leeway (1995)
Leeway is the coolest hardcore punk band of all time. In my opinion, they are the definition of cool. 'Open Mouth Kiss' showed me that a band can make a "different" record and still keep its musical integrity and style.
'Static Age'
Misfits (1978)
When I was in middle school, this kid asked me if I was a punk. Of course, I told him that I was. The next day he brought this CD in for me and said, "I thought you'd like this, it's punk." He was right. 'Static Age' says a lot about individuality in the genre. The Misfits definitely stand out against their peers on this album.
'Satisfaction is the Death of Desire'
Hatebreed (1997)
I first heard this album when i was 12 or 13-years-old and I was instantly blown away by it. 12 years later, I still feel the same way. It's fast, hard, and angry; everything I needed to hear at that age. It's because of this record that every time I write a new song, I have to take a step back and think "How could this song be more energetic?"
'Bad Brains'
Bad Brains (1982)
This is one of the most influential records to hardcore music as a whole. It said, "We don't care what anyone thinks." The Bad Brains did exactly what they wanted to do, how they wanted to do it. I hope to portray that same idea when people see, hear, or think of Trapped Under Ice.

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