Eyes Set to Kill joined up with Century Media Records last summer, and now in anticipation of the release of their album 'Masks,' the band have released a lyric video for the song 'Lost and Forgotten.'

The theme behind 'Masks' partly centers on the group's gradually shaping their own identity as artists and not catering to outside influences. Focusing on the words of 'Lost and Forgotten' was a solid choice for the metal band, as the pessimistic and uncompromising lyrics complement the tune's mixture of harmonic and scream vocals (the screams are supplied by vocalist and guitarist Cisko Miranda).

"We are buried under the ashes we warred in," sings Alexia Rodriguez, who's also a guitarist and keyboardist for the band. A millisecond later, Miranda yells "When will we be free." As shattered glass and broken masks litter the darkened background, it's safe to say this isn't exactly the sunniest of songs.

To pre-order 'Masks,' fans can hit up the CM Distro website, and for a reasonable $23 fans can also receive a shirt and autographed postcard along with their CD. The album comes out Sept. 17, and in support of their new material the band will play Aug. 22 at Peavey Hollywood. Fans who aren't in the area need not worry, as the performance will be streamed live on PeaveyHollywood.com.

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