Eyes Set to Kill bassist Anissa Rodriguez has been rushed to the hospital due a blood clot that has formed behind her eye. The band has been forced to pull out of two shows so far with (hed)p.e., as future dates are questionable due to Anissa's health.

Eyes Set to Kill were formed in 2003 by the Rodriguez sisters (Alexia and Anissa) along with former vocalist Lindsay Vogt. The group has gone through a multitude of lineup changes, but one constant has always been the Rodriguez sisters, with Alexia handling vocals these days. Eyes Set to Kill have released five studio albums, with 'Masks' acting as their most recent effort in 2013.

The band shared the unfortunate news of Anissa Rodriguez's blood clot in a July 10 Facebook post:


The band and Anissa appreciate the overwhelming response and well wishes from all of you, it truly means a lot. Anissa formed a blood clot behind her eye and is currently in the hospital. She is being monitored to determine what the next procedure will be to help assure a safe and speedy recovery. I'm sure you can imagine the severity of the situation and the good thing is she has the best care available.

This is truly going to be a day by day development...Eyes Set To Kill were suppose to start their tour with Hed PE yesterday and unfortunately were unable to play last nights show because of this development. They are not going to be able to play tonight's show at The Chameleon Room in Oklahoma City.

The band apologizes to Columbia, MO and Oklahoma City, OK for any inconvenience this may cause and will work on making it up to you real soon. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!! I will work on keeping you guys posted on the most up to date info.

Daniel Vega

We'd like to send our best wishes to Anissa Rodriguez for a speedy recovery. Eyes Set to Kill are currently booked to tour the U.S. with (hed)p.e. until July 22, followed by their own headlining dates in August, though more cancellations may come. See the band's scheduled dates here.

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