Noiscreep is proud to present what you could call Iwrestledabearonce vocalist Krysta Cameron Vs. Eyes Set to Kill singer Alexia Rodriguez. We arranged a chat between the two lovely and talented ladies as they talked about life on the road together as part of the Ghostbustour, amongst a host of other topics.

While it didn't work out to have the two ladies go head to head in the ''Creep Show' studios, we did moderate a conversation between them that was just as entertaining. Krysta and Alexia are making the metal world a much more visually appealing place, but make no mistake -- these tough and talented broads can mosh with the best of them.

Did you ladies known one another before this current tour?

Alexia: We played a show together for a Halloween festival a while ago. We bumped into each other on Warped Tour. We've known each other since then, and our bands have been friends since then.

Krysta: It was like two yeas ago.

Will you ever work together on a song or a side project or some musical endeavor?

Alexia: No. [dramatic pause] I'm just kidding! I would love to.

Krysta: Of course, definitely. We would be down for anything.

Alexia: It would be a cool electronica song, where you scream and I sing, and you teach me how to scream.

Krysta: You just gave us an idea to perform together!

Hey, that's what I'm here for. You are about two weeks into the Ghostbustour. How's it going?

Krysta: It's great. There's like 20 shows left or something.

Krysta, are you still selling the bags you make on tour?

Krysta: Since Warped Tour ended, I went to visit my boyfriend and I had no alone time to sew. I still make handbags, but when I got home for a minute, I started painting. I do still sew. It costs money and people give me a down payment, and then when I am finished with it, they don't come through and am I am stuck with a bag and their money!

Were you fans of each other's work prior to meeting on tour? Or did you discover one another through touring?

When I first saw them, I became a fan. I don't see grown women doing this other than dating a guy in a band.

I always heard of your band, but never listened to it. Then I saw you guys live. That's when I knew! We're definitely fans of each other's works and support each other. We really should do something together.

Once again, you saved the day.

Maybe I should manage this Krysta/Alexia project. What do you guys do on downtime when on tour? Any shopping excursions?

I wish we had money to go shopping.

Alexia: We talk a lot about and we both paint and try to stay creative to keep our heads straight. When you are on the road, everything is changed, but being creative is the only constant.

Alexia, will you do a tour behind your new acoustic solo record, "Underground Sounds."

Alexia: Probably later in the future. I really want to tour with my band; they come first.

Are you both a bit of the loner-type on the road?

I am weird. I like to hang out, even when I don't feel good, but I am kind of a hermit. I really am. It sucks. I want to go out and have a good time, but it depends. If I get sick, I am not allowed to go out.

Alexia: When you are touring, every night is a party night, and it's hard for a vocalist to take care of ourselves and sound good next day. It's sort of hard to be around it, because you want to party, but then you get sick and can't do anything about it.

What's up for each of your bands after the Ghostbustour?

Krysta: We go home for about two weeks, then we go to Japan and then we start writing and hitting the studio.

We might do a tour in November, after a break, and then there is a European tour early next year. It is amazing to go overseas, when people who can't speak your language are singing your songs when you are on stage.

What have you learned about each other from touring together?

Krysta: We are more alike than not. We agree on a lot of things, especially being girls in bands. Girls are evil and I don't have a lot of girl friends.

It's hard to find girls that can relate or share our interests. We are into different things. I had people I thought were friends, but they wanted to get to know guys I was friends with. We don't have to worry about that together!

Krysta: I hate stupid drama. I am 26 years old and I don't need that in my life. No wonder I am in a band with dudes.

Alexia: Another thing I learned was one day on Warped Tour, there were people in the crowd heckling us and I went up to Krysta after and told her, and she was like, 'You have to just fend for yourself and not worry about douchebags.' I'd think of that whenever it would happen.

Sometimes it pisses me off when people are grabbing on stage. I want to stomp on people's hands when they do that [laughs]

Alexia: I had people try to kiss me or my guitar. It's like just buy us a drink ... when we're not sick.

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