Eyes Set to Kill frontwoman Alexia Rodriguez is about to show off a different side of her musical self -- known simply as Lexia -- with the upcoming solo album 'Underground Sounds.' Rodriguez reworks Eyes Set to Kill songs and plays acoustic versions of them on the album. She also covers 'Climbing Up the Walls' by Radiohead.

You can currently check out the acoustic rendition of ESTK's 'Reach.' Rodriguez does a terrific job of making the song sound like it always should have been acoustic. It's not like she's covering herself at all; she reinvents the song.

"When I'm on the road I have nothing but time on my hands, so for the most part I'm always trying to find something constructive to kill the time," Lexia commented about her desire to go in this direction in an official statement. "The songs I write on the road are mellow and chilled, which don't necessarily work as Eyes Set to Kill songs.

"I try to write songs in different styles and genres and just demo them for myself. I never thought about putting out a solo album, but my manager heard them and freaked out saying, 'These are amazing, you have to release them!' At first I was nervous and wondering what my band would think, but they were super supportive of the idea."

Rodriguez also told Noisecreep that 'Underground Sounds' is "a lot more personal than any of the Eyes Set to Kill albums could ever be. The only reason is because in my band, I co-write the lyrics of some of the songs with our other vocalist. Which means I am limited artistically. I write a lot of acoustic and electronica tunes that I feel would not quite fit an ESTK record. So I wanted to release all of the new music under my name, so fans could hear what I am all about.

"I love different genres of music, and I want this album to inspire ESTK fans to open their minds to a different side of me, musically." She also said she hopes to gian new fans who appreciate all aspects of music, too.

Reworking Eyes Set to Kill songs acoustically wasn't a hardship for Rodriguez, since she usually writes them on her acoustic guitar the begin with. "I didn't have to rip the songs apart and put them back together in a different way," Rodriguez said. "I just replaced a lot of the screaming with melodies and stripped some of the lead riffs. I can't wait for people to hear my versions of ESTK songs, because they are basically the first versions of the songs before I got crazy with them."

Covering Radiohead always ignites the ire of Radiohead fans (and Thom Yorke himself, for that matter), but that didn't deter Rodriguez from "going there" on 'Underground Sounds.' She said, "I have been a huge Radiohead fan -- especially of 'OK Computer' -- for a while now, and I always wanted to do a cover of a band I admire, but was never inspired by a song as much as I was by 'Climbing Up the Walls.'

"When we were driving though the Green Mountains of Brazil, I was listening to a lot of my older music on my iPod, and that song seemed to capture the moment. It was one of those songs that matched the setting of my surroundings. The tempo and simplicity of all the guitars and drum work really were the basis of my love for that song."

She is also hoping that when her younger fans hear the cover of 'Climbing Up the Walls, they will be turned onto Radiohead and "maybe even be inspired by them as much as I was. I don't have a lot of friends who are as [big of a] Radiohead fan as me, but whenever I run into someone who is, they enjoy the way I molded it into my own electronica version."

'Underground Sounds' is out Oct. 12 from Breaksilence.


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