Traditionally speaking, a White Lotus represents a rebirth, so it's fitting that Eyes Set to Kill chose the flower as the title of their brand new album. "This is our fourth record and I finally feel like it's representing what the band is really about," says vocalist Alexia Rodriguez during a recent chat with Noisecreep. "The main difference this time out is that we had Cisko [Miranda, vocalist-rhythm guitar] record with us. It's the first time our fans will be able to hear him and what he brings to Eyes Set to Kill in a studio situation." Miranda joined the group earlier this year.

'White Lotus' is also Eyes Set to Kill's most focused album, with some of the most accomplished songwriting statements of their career. Tracks like 'The Secrets Between' and the brooding 'Where I Wanna Be,' find a band ready to smash away at any of the preconceived notions people might have about them in the supposed genre they fall into. Although the record has its fair share of intense metallic moments, Rodriguez shows off a vulnerable, albeit, edgy side, to her performances that reveals her varied influences. In this Noisecreep video exclusive, the ESTK singer performs Hole's 'Doll Parts' at EMG TV's studios.

Watch 'Doll Parts' by Alexia Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill

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Eyes Set to Kill's 'White Lotus' is available now at this link.

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