Fox News is probably the last place on Earth you would expect to see an interview with a metal band, unless it's Bill O'Reilly blaming Marylin Manson for corrupting our children and turning them into satanists. But if you are a singer in a metal band and also a sergeant in the Army, as is the case with Phil McSorley of Cobalt, apparently Fox News takes notice.

McSorley was recently interviewed on 'Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld.' Sure it aired at a time slot typically reserved for insomniacs, but you can't expect a band as fierce and abrasive as Cobalt to air in prime time. Regardless, Gutfeld seemed genuinely impressed with the music of Cobalt (his co-hosts not so much), and it was a good interview. However, McSorley saying "I've never considered myself to be the most patriotic person out there" and mentioning Christian-bashing philosopher Nietszche as an influence might not have been exactly what the Fox gang was looking for.

Kudos to Fox for giving Cobalt some attention, and double kudos to McSorley for his service to the country and for delivering some of the finest metal of the past decade.

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