Profound Lore has just released 'Gin,' the third full-length release from enigmatic duo Cobalt, and already the comparisons are starting to fly. 'Gin' is slightly more accessible than their previous releases, and it certainly has some things in common with the likes of Mastodon, High on Fire, and Tool (epic songwriting, odd time signatures, riffs o' plenty), but Cobalt's unique brand of blackened metal comes across as far more raw, evil, and visceral than their more popular peers. While this may limit their mainstream appeal, Profound Lore label head Chris Bruni (at left) is hopeful that 'Gin' might garner some new fans.

"I know if a Mastodon, High on Fire, or Tool kid were to hear Cobalt, I think they may be quite intrigued and maybe blown away," Chris told Noisecreep. "Sure the music may not be the most accessible and easiest to get into upon initial listens, because of the epic and almost left-field nature of the music. But that's the whole point, it's music like this that becomes timeless instead of most stuff coming out on bigger labels that, while offering something decent, for the most part is forgotten after a week."

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