It's one of the hot tickets of early 2016. Lamb of God and Anthrax are hitting stages across North America and it looks like the two bands have hit it off. In fact, during a show Tuesday night (Jan. 19) in Atlanta, Anthrax's Scott Ian and Charlie Benante joined Lamb of God onstage for a Stormtroopers of Death cover.

During the show at The Tabernacle, the two Anthrax members hopped onstage to rock with Lamb of God as they churned out Stormtroopers of Death's "United Forces." Fan-filmed footage of the performance can be seen above.

Stormtroopers of Death formed in the '80s, with Scott Ian recruiting Benante, Dan Lilker and Billy Milano to explore a more hardcore punk-meets-thrash sound. Just last fall, S.O.D.'s debut disc Speak English or Die celebrated its 30th anniversary.

In a recent interview, Ian revealed that one of his biggest regrets is that Stormtroopers of Death did not have more of a chance to tour in the '80s, as Anthrax commanded a majority of his time and focus. But at the turn of the century, the group had a chance to take their music on the road. "I was very happy to do, because it gave people at least one shot — people who never got to see it — at least it gave some people around the planet a chance. ‘Okay, here’s your chance. We’re comin’. Here’s your chance to see it.’ And I was happy we did that," said Ian.

The guitarist says that eventually Stormtroopers of Death didn't last because it "became like a job." He explains, "All of a sudden, it was, like, 'Wait a minute! I already have a band with f–king baggage and issues and business problems, and now I’ve got two.' And I couldn’t handle that; I couldn’t handle having two bands struggling at that time."

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