It'll be an atmospheric prog-punk festival when Circa Survive kick off their tour with Dredg, Animals as Leaders and the recently reunited Codeseven. If you like spacey, transcendent rock that ha still girth, then you want to head out to this tour.

Noisecreep caught up with Circa Survive guitarist Colin Frangicetto on the eve of the tour. He was optimistic and said that "life is wonderful. We've been on the road since March, and it's been beyond exciting performing again. We've traveled to countries and cities that we've never been to previously and are constantly pushing ourselves to the next level playing live."

The Circa Survive tour dates are certainly designed for kids who like left-of-center music that doesn't play by some formula or rules. "I'd like to think that there really isn't an explanation necessary at this point," Frangicetto said. "The people that come to our shows are all kinds of people. Old fans returning for their tenth Circa show all the way to a total stranger who liked the way the flyer looked or simply wandered in from the street.

"The bands we are touring with are the some of the most talented and innovative musicians around. We are huge fans [of them] ourselves, and anyone who is familiar with these bands will know why they need to be there."

Once this tour wraps up, Circa Survive will embark on even more touring -- and they'll do some writing. But it looks like touring will be the priority. "I think we'll most likely be touring on this record until next fall," the guitarist said.

Living on the road requires some comforts and amenities from home -- besides the requisite Blackberry, laptop or iPod, which are obvious necessities no matter what. Frangicetto copes with life on the road with "a good book, which comes in handy with all the waiting around that occurs. My art bag has become pretty essential for me, 'cause I pretty much go crazy without being able to paint on tour. An acoustic guitar, too. You never know when a parking lot jam session will happen, so I better be prepared!"

The Circa Survive family is also about to expand. "In other news," Frangicetto revealed, "[singer] Anthony [Green] is about to be a father any day now."

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