Circa Survive will drop new album Violent Waves on Aug. 28 via a new delivery method that doesn't require the services of a record company. Circa are cutting out the middle man. Or men, since most labels are multi-person operations. The band, formerly signed to Equal Vision and Atlantic, will provide the album direct to fans via a web delivery system free of label or distributor involvement. "Collectively we've run the gamut from working with really small DIY labels to big indies all the way to a major label," guitarist Colin Frangicetto said in a statement. "The band has learned a ton from each of those experiences and at this point feel confident in our ability to successfully produce, release and promote a record on our own. There's really nothing more satisfying to us then bringing our vision to the world in this way."

Pre-orders are available now, and come with a variety of bundle choices. The band will hit the road on a 33-date tour this fall, with Touche Amore on the bill, too.

In a letter to fans, the band's vocalist Anthony Green said, "By choosing to download our music directly from us, you are choosing to give our band a future and directly supporting us and our families." As a whole, the band continued, "We have always looked at Circa Survive as more than just a band. Above all it's been a relationship between the five of us and you and everyone who has ever been involved in this community we've built together. We believe that this step will bring us even closer. [Circa Survive Website]

Guitarist Scott Ian would like to clarify that Anthrax "are not working on a covers album." Rumors to the contrary spread across the web last week. Ian confirmed that a covers EP will be released but that the band isn't in the studio, toiling away on cover songs. Turns out jamming other band's songs is just a thing the band does while in the studio to break up any sort of boredom, which makes total sense. "We're not working on a covers album," Ian told VH1 Classic Radio. "It's not at all what we're doing. We just always record cover songs. They just happen when we're in the studio or when we're touring, we get bored of jamming on our own songs at sound check so you end up jamming on cover songs and eventually we'll end up recording them and eventually, somehow, they end up getting released in some way, shape or form as B-sides, but we're definitely not working on a covers album."

As for non-covers, the band is still working on new music. Ian finished, "We do already have two or three things kind of in the works as far as new music goes so it's just a case of if you can get into that mode to start working on them. I can't even explain why or how it happens but sometimes you'll just get into a mode and you're able to create and you're able to work on stuff and move stuff forward, new stuff, but sometimes you just can't. Sometimes you're on tour and there's just no spark, it's just not there, it's just all about what you're doing in the moment, playing those shows."

There you have it. Some new tunes but not a purposeful covers album! [VH1 Classic Radio]

Watch Solid Dudes Kitchen Season 2 Trailer

Join the "dudes" that comprise Solid Dudes Kitchen for a Stickam chat tonight at 8:30PM EST. The web-based cooking show, starring Detroit-area natives and ex-Heads Will Roll bandmates Dave Graw and Derek Swanson, traveled abroad to Germany in Solid Dudes Kitchen Season 2 to film a "very special episode," which is affectionately titled 'Dudes Hast.' We love a little Rammstein humor. The episode -- part-travelogue, part-regional food documentary, part-bro-downery with local punk band Mondo Ray and part-cooking show with a pretzel recipe to wrap it all up, spotlights the continuing evolution of the duo's filmmaking style and culinary interests. That's a lot of parts, isn't it? To mark the web premiere of the 'Dudes Hast,' the ep will stream in its entirety via the Solid Dudes Kitchen YouTube page on Wednesday, June 27. [Stickam]

Cradle of Filth are black metal's version of breakout stars. The hardly kvlt yet thoroughly theatrical band is making key albums from its early catalog available again. The End will reissue eight of the band's quintessential titles. Kicking off the campaign in charred metal style, From the Cradle To Enslave, Cruelty and The Beast, Lovecraft & Witch Hearts, Midian, PanDaemonAeon (DVD) and Dusk & Her Embrace on July 3. But that's not all. On July 31, the label will drop Principle of Evil Made Flesh and V Empire. It's going to be a black metal summer with all these genre classics flooding the market! Pre-order here, if you dare. Mwuhahaha. [Order of the Dragon]

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