Circa Survive vocalist Anthony Green recently released 'Beautiful Things,' his second solo album.

Although Green recorded the new collection at his wife's parent's beach house in Avalon, N.J., you wouldn't know it from hearing it. Tracks like 'Big Mistake' and 'Get Yours While You Can' ooze with layer upon layer of guitars, vocal harmonies and the wide-screened production values usually found on albums recorded at swanky studios in Los Angeles.

The new record also showcases Green's experimental side, with the singer-songwriter working with a wider palette of instruments than he has on his previous solo work. "I've noticed a trend in my own personal patterns where I feel like I'll deliberately do something unexpected and I love the fact that there are going to be a lot of surprises on this album," Green said before 'Beautiful Things' hit stores. "This is exactly the record I wanted to make and we couldn't have done it any other way."

Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip filmed on the set of Green's 'Get Yours While You Can' video.

In the clip, we find Green stretched out on the pavement, playing dead, while a breakdancer and a dude rocking a karate getup strut their moves around his corpse. "This is the least amount of action I've ever had to do in a video," says Green. "The whole metaphor of me being dead, and other people carrying the energy of the song and the video, is just endlessly cool."

Watch Anthony Green's 'Get Yours While You Can (Behind the Scenes)' Video

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Watch Anthony Green's 'Get Yours While You Can' Video

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