Is it cold in Hell? It must be, since North Carolina noise/sludge merchants Buzzov-en have emerged from their caves North Cackalacky to embark on a string of headlining tour dates. The fall tour will mark the first time the influential band has toured in 12 years. Founding member and driving force Kirk Fisher -- who has an acoustic Southern blues project called K. Lloyd and the Disciples, featuring Down's Jimmy Bower and Soilent Green's Brian Patton -- has bounced back from a crippling addiction and reassembled the band's classic '... At a Loss' lineup with bassist "Dixie" Dave Collins (also of Weedeater) and drummer Ramzi joining him on the road.

"Hell yes I'm excited, and a little nervous as well though," Fisher told Noisecreep about returning and the prospect of having a case of road rust. "I've been doing more mellow bluesy/country stuff on and off over the past years with Jimmy Bower and some other NOLA friends with my solo project K. Lloyd and the Disciples, but nothing like Buzzov-en. I'm actually looking forward to re-tapping the angst and now, at least more clearheaded it should be coming from the raw anger that I, as well as many, deal with daily just trudging through life. Our major rehearsals are just getting underway, so the rusty factor I'm sure will be there, but I'm confident it's going to be like riding a bike as they say!"

Fisher was inspired to exhume Buzzov-en now for a myriad of reasons, some of it fan pressure. "Well after talking to Jimmy when Eyehategod had gone out for their first time in many years, I was inspired because he said a lot of the fans were asking him about us, 'cause I guess they knew of the K. Lloyd stuff that had been in the works over the past [three or four] years," Fisher said. "Yeah, I think it's time finally, and this is not a reunion. This is a re-beginning for Buzzov-en. This lineup with Ramzi and Dixie was by far my favorite, and I think we could really make something of this band again. We're going to be playing a lot of material from '... At a Loss' and some earlier Buzz stuff, but also expect some new stuff to get pulled out as well."

Fisher wasn't about to throw out reveal any more when it comes to the set list, saying, "I'm not giving any hints on that note. Come to the show f---ers and you'll find out!" If you can't make the initial run of dates, the band does plan a larger scale tour for the near future.

As for why Buzzov-en's legacy has endured, Fisher offered an interesting theory. "I think the legacy has endured for a lot of reasons," he said. "Some negative. Because let's face it, we all like to see a great car crash don't we?? Also, I believe that we and a few others like EHG, Sleep and Neurosis pretty much paved the way for many bands playing this heavy downtuned riffage. There were some before, but we also toured our asses off and left a trail across the States through much of the '90s, which as I said wasn't always positive.

"I'm excited to see a new generation get to see us and not be affected by the gossip and reputation that may not put us in such a good light, which honestly a lot of that is a few nights blown way out of proportion." Fisher wasn't kidding when he called these shows "re-beginning."

"Yeah, there will definitely be a new Buzzov-en record," he revealed. "Figured we would wait until after doing these few outings doing some live shows then set down and work out where we want to go with it."

Buzzov*en tour dates:

9/25 -- Charlotte, NC -- Tremont Music Hall

9/29 -- Chicago, IL -- Reggie's Rock Club (Buy Tix)

9/30 -- New York, NY -- Rocks Off Concert Cruise Aboard the Temptress

10/1 -- Baltimore, MD -- Ottobar

10/2 -- Austin, TX -- Emo's (Buy Tix)