BuzzovenOrion Landau, who was featured a few months back on Noisecreep's Album Art of the Week for his work on Revocation's 'Existence is Futile,' returns to the feature. Relapse Records' resident designer has lent his hand for Buzzoven's 'Violence from the Vault,' an EP compilation of unreleased tracks from the 'Sore' recording session in1994.

The cover features a baphomet in front of the inverted pentagram, two staple elements in cover art from various metal and metal-inspired bands. One of the only deviations from Eliphas Lévi's traditional depiction of the pagan god is the subtle squirting blood coming from the goat figure's ears -- and indeed it's the only other significant spot of color on the cover, other than the monochrome blue. Additionally, the blueness of the background seems to be the only tie to the artwork gracing the cover of 'Burn.'

Landau's preference for blue can also be seen in his other pieces, like Origin's 'Antithesis', Obscura's 'Cosmogenesis' and Mumakil's 'Behold the Failure.'

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