Split releases make up one of the strongest staples of the underground music scene. Whether it's releasing a three-way tape with your buddies' powerviolence bands or going all out on a 180 gram picture disc with one of your idols, doing a split is one of the best ways to get your music heard by unfamiliar ears (and can be pretty damn profitable, too, if you play your cards right and vinyl nerds get wind of your wares).

North Carolina doomhaulers Sourvein are no strangers to the format, having shared wax with the likes of Buzzoven, Rabies Caste, Church of Misery, Grief, Bongzilla and more. One of their more recent collaborations was a seven-inch with U.K. doom troupe Blood Island Raiders, as the band's amiable vocalist T. Roy explains. "It was recorded a few years ago. Alister from BIR is a good friend of mine, and we just decided to do it! It's a cool split, and 'Black Cloud Reservation' is our tune on it."

A split with Japan's nastiest purveyors of Hellhammer-flavored death doom, Coffins, is next on Sourvein's hit list, as T. Roy revealed. "Forcefield Records out of Richmond, Va. is putting it out. I got it going with Bungo from Coffins; we'd been talking for a while and they are sick! Tim at Forcefield was into it, so it's on," He continued. "We are thinking about doing a weird cover maybe, and we are doing the art for it now."

A band that's unleashed the amount of many-headed beasts into the world as Sourvein must undoubtedly have a wish list of sorts, and Noisecreep got T. Roy to spill the beans. If they had the chance, T. Roy revealed, Sourvein would love to do a split with "Gallhammer, Oak, High on Fire, Capricorns, Mazzy Star, Man Is the Bastard, Outlaw Order, Midnight ..."

High on Fire, are you listening?

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