Buzzov*en’s Dixie Dave Does Double Duty With Weedeater
Buzzov-en have announced a new spate of February dates, which will be their third go-round since reuniting. Additionally, bassist Dixie Dave Collins will be gearing up for the release of 'Jason ... the Dragon,' the new album by his other band, Weedeater, which he sings for, via Southern Lord on March 15...
Buzzoven, ‘Violence from the Vault’ — Album Art of the Week
Orion Landau, who was featured a few months back on Noisecreep's Album Art of the Week for his work on Revocation's 'Existence is Futile,' returns to the feature. Relapse Records' resident designer has lent his hand for Buzzoven's 'Violence from the Vault,' an EP compilation of unreleased tracks from the 'Sore' recording session in1994...
Sourvein Love Doing Split Releases
Split releases make up one of the strongest staples of the underground music scene. Whether it's releasing a three-way tape with your buddies' powerviolence bands or going all out on a 180 gram picture disc with one of your idols, doing a split is one of the best ways to get your music heard by unfamiliar ears (and can be pretty damn profitable, too, if you play your cards right and vinyl nerds g
Sourvein Stoked to Play With Pentagram, Really Dig Shrinebuilder
North Carolina sludgemongers Sourvein are gearing up for one hell of a busy year. Currently locked away in a studio somewhere on the wrong side of the tracks, working hard to finish up their next full-length for Candlelight, the intriguingly-titled 'Aquatic Occult' while plotting a split release with Japanese bringers of doomed death Coffins, the band also has several very special live rituals lo