Bryan Camphire, bassist/backing vocalist/sampler from NYC doom metal band Bloody Panda, has a vivid, writer-like description of his band's music, which is often compared to film scoring. "Bloody Panda's music is the color of wet black snakes lightly covered in dust," he told Noisecreep. And while such a statement may seem cryptic, and well, a bit eyebrow-raising, it makes complete and total sense once you immerse yourself in BP's music.

Recently, Bloody Panda released a DVD shot entirely by the band, set to their 22-minute magnum opus, 'Miserere.' Butoh dancer Yuko Kaseki stars and "the imagery unfolds like a seance, with ectoplasmic manifestations and astral projections that reflect a threat on a personal level," Camphire also said. "Texture is emphasized in order to invite pressure. Pressure becomes a catalyst for disequilibrium.

"Her dance appears effortless, like the emergent shapes of waterfalls crashing. The quickening forms of the flow of water begin to hint at infinity. The visual language meets with the aural, beckoning what is unseen, as in an invocation. Emerging from enormous swirling jets of thousands of tons of water, we see a vision of Javanese court dancers and their shadows on a marble floor executing ancient choreography in a palace in Surakarta. Their measured movements pose a contrast to the wild elasticity of Yuko Kaseki, just as the taut sounds of the hooded minions of Bloody Panda contrast the explosiveness of the siren at the band's helm, Yoshiko Ohara."

Confused? If you are, don't be ashamed. Bloody Panda make high brow music that is an assault on all of the senses. So instead of trying to decipher Camphire's words, check out their music instead. 'Summon,' the album that accompanies the 'Miserere' DVD, is in stores August 11.

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