Already an established visual artist in her native Japan, Yoshiko Ohara moved to New York City to try and start a musical project. After posting ads looking for musicians, Ohara assembled the first lineup of what ultimately became doom favorites Bloody Panda. Since then the critically-acclaimed group has issued a handful of releases including two full-length albums. Their latest project is entitled 'Summon: Invocation,' and it features artists like Matmos and Jarboe, plus musicians from Burning Witch and Krallice, remixing Bloody Panda's 2009 'Summon' album. To help celebrate the record's upcoming release, Ohara took part in Noisecreep's 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series.

'Boys for Pele,' Tori Amos (1996)


"Tori's second album, 'Under the Pink,' was my introduction to American music. When I listen to her music, I am always impressed by her world which is full of a very intense girl's perspectives. 100% of my parts for Bloody Panda are written from an intense girl's perspective too! I worship her seriously and I still don't know who is higher than her. I could choose all of her albums as albums that changed my life."

'Kid A,' Radiohead (2000)

"I am a huge fan of Radiohead and I love all of their albums, but I especially had a crush on 'Kid A' because my instincts told me that this is a perfect work of art. I might have gotten inspiration for writing my lyrics by the way they see the things in this world and express them in words."

'In Utero,' Nirvana (1994)

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"I admire the band because they are rolling fireballs. I wish I could burn my energy with emptiness like this album and their first album, 'Bleach.'"

'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars,' David Bowie (1972)

"David Bowie is the king of charisma. The world is always perfect whatever happens and I think it is awesome."

'Summon,' Bloody Panda (2009)

"When I was writing my vocal parts and lyrics, I always felt empty but I realized that empty was the character of this piece of art, and that's when my inspiration came to me in a very strong way. I am so happy we made this album - very artistic one."

Bloody Panda's 'Summon:Invocation' will be out on Nov. 15th.

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