A Storm of Light

One of the first shows A Storm of Light played after forming a couple of years back was in Brooklyn, N.Y., opening for San Franciscan post-metal giants Neurosis and a then less-well-known Georgia band called Mastodon. "That was kind of intimidating," singer and guitarist Josh Graham told Noisecreep. It wasn't so much that he was playing on the same bill as two lauded peers -- one of which, Neurosis, employs him to do live visuals. He just wasn't confident in his singing abilities. "It was the first show I had done in any band where I was singing since I was like 20."

Graham admitted he doesn't think he's a natural singer, saying "No, I'm not, but I'm getting better with every record, and all the touring we're doing is helping me be a better singer. I'm actually thinking of taking some lessons pretty soon."

American fans of ASOL might be wondering, 'All of what touring?' Since, A Storm Of Light released their second album, 'Forgive Us Our Trespasses,' in October 2009, the band hasn't gotten around to a full U.S. tour. Until now, that is. With coast-to-coast dates stretching winter through spring -- several of which are opening for Shrinebuilder on the West Coast -- the metalgaze outfit is up for one of its most extensive stateside jaunts yet.

"It should be fun. It's odd, we did seven shows for the album in the U.S., but we did close to 30 in Europe," he says. "Our goal in America is to just keep putting out music and play stuff that makes sense to us to play. We don't feel like we need to tour just for the sake of touring. I've been in bands where people think you have to be constantly touring in the U.S. But smarter touring works better. Look at the larger picture."

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