'Ruiner,' the debut album from Atlanta noise rock dealers Whores, has been getting a ton of play at Noisecreep's West Coast headquarters as of late. The power trio deal out the kind of sonic pounding that will appeal to any fan of Helmet, Melvins and Tar.

Since we're always trying to shine the light on newer artists, Noisecreep caught up with Whores vocalist/guitarist Christian Lembach to get the skinny on Whores.

In the press materials I was sent on the band, it says that the three of you are "vinyl nerds." Why was it important for you to release 'Ruiner' on vinyl?

It was important to us to have 'Ruiner' released on vinyl for a few reasons. We have sold out of four separate pressings of the CD EP though touring, but to me, it just doesn't feel legitimate until it's on vinyl. The fact that Brutal Panda wanted to work with us was really flattering, as we are fans/friends with the bands on their label, and Bob and Mike from Brutal Panda are ethical people in a business that is populated by some pretty opportunistic jackwagons. Plus, all of us are vinyl fetishists/collectors. It also sounds incredible.

Do you even buy CDs or download MP3s on iTunes?

I will buy a CD from a band directly if they don't have vinyl, or download MP3s from iTunes or Bandcamp if I don't know them personally, but I always prefer vinyl.

You definitely have one of the best bands names we've come across in a while. How much trouble has it gotten you so far?

Thank you [laughter]. It's caused some problems, yeah. I think the main issue is that it unfortunately paints the band as some sort of misogynistic hater thing; which it's clearly not, to us, at least. The name is intended to be a commentary on the state of oppressors vs. oppressed. I realize that some people won't take it that way, but we wanted a provocative name, and that has caused some trouble. Before we were talking to Brutal Panda about the release of 'Ruiner,' we had contacted another fairly well known label about releasing the record. The label's owner refused to listen to our record because our name offended him. We emailed back and forth for a few days. I tried to assure him that we were not Neanderthal rednecks from Georgia, but he wasn't having it. The last email I sent him was a paper I wrote for my literary criticism class. It was a feminist reading of PJ Harvey's 'Rid of Me.' I got an A. I'm not kidding.

Listen to 'Straight Down' From Whores

Let's talk about the track 'Daddy's Money.' Whose daddy are you talking about and where is that money going?

That was actually our friend Jeff Wolk who said that. He deserves full credit for the title. The song itself is about rich kids getting what they deserve, and how money will solve most peoples' personal problems temporarily, but will end up ruining them. A little suffering will give you a little soul, but a lot of suffering will teach you empathy. I think this is an important lesson to learn, particularly in the West.

What do you guys have planned out for the rest of 2012? Can we expect a full-length in the near future?

We are recording again in April, releasing another record in early June, and doing another DIY tour to support that record starting on June 8 in Atlanta. We really want to get out to the West Coast as soon as possible, but in order to do that we would love to be on a package tour with a band that is willing to have us. The tour we are booking is the SE, NE and Midwest.

Whores' 'Ruiner' is out now via Brutal Panda. Pick up the album at this link.