Our friend Willis from Gamedaily asks the 'Creep, "What the Hell Is 'Hipster Metal,' and Should I Hate It?"

Answer: Like pornography, hipster metal is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. The term can refer to any/all of the following:
a) indie-rock bands who aren't really metal but own some fuzz pedals (Wolfmother, Dead Meadow, Boris)
b) heavy, critic-friendly drone bands like Sunn 0)))
c) "ironic" throwback metal (3 Inches of Blood, The Sword, Goblin Cock)
d) legit metal bands who get any coverage in Spin magazine (Mastodon, High on Fire).

As you can see, it's not a genre so much as a handy knee-jerk label that says, "I have decided that I strongly dislike most of the poseurs who listen to this band." So if you own a "No False Metal" t-shirt, you already hate hipster metal. For everyone else, as long as it melts your face off you probably shouldn't worry about it.

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