While Cattle Decapitation may sound like a violent, non-animal friendly name, the dudes that comprise the gore-death band remain committed vegetarians, so much so that the band even has a veggie burger named after it.

Cattle Decap's singer Travis Ryan (pictured at left) tells Noisecreep, "The only thing we find tastier than freshly cured human flesh is the Cattle Decapitation burger at Hamilton's in our hometown in San Diego. The patty is a humane blend of black beans and potatoes, and the secret sauce is known as 'PCS,' which stands for 'Phil Collins Sucks.' That's literally the only thing about this dish that we equally all disagree on. Although the taste is magnificent, we're all fans of his recordings."

The Cattle Decap veggie burger is sold exclusively at Hamilton's Pub and Café, located in San Diego's South Park community. The giant burger is sold for an economical $7.50 and it's a delicious combo of black beans, garlic and Hamilton's secret recipe of spices. Veggie burger connoisseurs and meat-eaters alike can also enjoy homemade pub chips and a side of sweet coconut curry sauce when ordering the burger.

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