For a band with a name like Weekend Nachos, it shouldn't be surprising that the biggest thing for the four power-violence creators on the road is food. Before their show at Rockstar Bar in Brooklyn on Sept. 4, the band spent the day walking around the artsy Williamsburg gathering up grub.

"I had a really good bánh mỳ sandwich. You can't get," drummer Byron Lueders caught himself and quickly readjusted his sentence, "Well, I'm too lazy to go to Korea town in Chicago, and it was two doors down from where we stayed."

"We rarely drink. Half the band is straight edge, and the other half is too rational to drink and get really stupid drunk," guitarist Andy Nelson said.

"All we want to do is eat. And once that's out of the way we pretty much go be negative somewhere," frontman John Hoffman said.

On the other hand, their roadie Todd Knife of the band Like Rats doesn't dig food as much as the Nachos guys. "He eats what is called the paleolithic diet. He basically wants to eat like a caveman. And, he is a caveman," bassist Drew Brown said.

For people who make music this angry, the band agrees that during long drives the best way to stay sane is for each member to keep to themselves, reading and listening to their own music. Still, they like to balance that out with one argument a day.

"I usually get into one random, like heated argument with one band member. It usually only happens once. Like I had one with Byron today. And I had one with Andy last night," Hoffman said.

"We argued over the [tap] water quality," Nelson affirmed. Brown added, "It's usually a short burst of hostility."

Shortly after, Hoffman walked away to check on the merch back inside the venue. That is when Nelson told Noisecreep a little more about the argument, "[Hoffman] was actually, seriously wondering if the water in New York was drinkable, like if we were in f---ing Mexico or something."

When the Chicagoans aren't stomping around basements and stageless venues, they are working day jobs. While Hoffman and Brown work at a marketing company, Nelson owns a recording studio where he recorded the majority of Nacho's releases (the only exception being a seven-inch split with Chronic Bleeding Syndrome). Lueders has what the rest of the band called the best paying job, because he works at a ritzy hotel next to a certain Chicago venue with the word Blues in the kiosk.

"This band once accused us of stealing $50,000 from their merch money from their unlocked room that they were drunk and left unlocked," Lueders said of the most bizarre occurrences involving a group of musicians who stayed at the hotel.

"It was some s---y Alternative Press band. I don't remember their name, though," he added. "Their mom called us to complain. They had their mom call us, because we 'stole' their money. But we didn't steal their money."