Do you have eight minutes? If you do, then we've got eight minutes of pure power metal glory, thanks to this exclusive premiere of Virgin Steele's fantastically titled song, 'By the Hammer of Zeus (and the Wrecking Ball of Thor).'

The song is rife -- teeming, in fact -- with galloping solos, historical and mythological references and lots of musical self-indulgence that never renders the song unlistenable. It's bombastic, which goes with the territory when it comes to power metal. The song appears on the Virgin Steele's latest, 'The Black Light Bacchanalia,' which is available Nov. 9.

Listen to 'By the Hammer of Zeus (and the Wrecking Ball of Thor)'

"This track is a good representation of the barbaric-romantic style of the group," Virgin Steele vocalist David DeFeis told Noisecreep. "It is raw, primitive and aggressive, yet also bombastic, majestic and progressive. It is dark and serious, but it still cooks and maintains its sensuality."

But before you listen, understand what the song is after on a conceptual level. DeFeis said, "The lyrics are about the coming of the mountain-fire god, and his hatred and fear of the goddess, and his usurpation of her powers. The opening line sums up how the creation of this album went, and it also sums up the 'never surrender' Virgin Steele spirit: 'Pain is me and I'm relentless.'"