If the image above gets you all hot and bothered, plus, you love anthemic heavy metal, then there's a good chance you listen to power metal on a regular basis. In this weekend's episode of VH1 Classic's fantastic 'Metal Evolution' series, host and producer Sam Dunn will focus on power metal and its origins. The mere fact that the filmmakers were given the arena to explore such a culturally marginal scene by VH1 Classic should be applauded.

Dunn told Noisecreep why he chose to dedicate a complete episode to the often ridiculed metal subgenre: "What I think is really interesting about power metal is that it came up during a time in Europe grunge was exploding and there were a lot of fans and musicians over there that just didn't like that kind of music in the early '90s. With grunge all of the things that many people loved about metal were gone. You know – the soaring vocals, guitar solos, etc. So power metal was like a revival movement that brought back a lot of those missing elements and gave them a modern twist. I think there's a really interesting story there."

Check out a sneak peek of the power metal episode of 'Metal Evolution' below. You might also want to check out our 'Best Power Metal Album Covers' list.

Watch 'Sneak Peak of 'Metal Evolution' Episode 10' Video

Tune in this Saturday night at 10:00PM ET to VH1 Classic to watch the rest of the episode.

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