Episode 7 of Vh1 Classic's 11-part rockumentary series 'Metal Evolution' centers on grunge, and if you're wondering what flannel shirts and fuzzy guitars have to do with the devil's chosen music, you're not alone. In the exclusive sneak peek posted below, musicians, producers and journalists discuss the connections -- or lack thereof -- between the two genres.

"There was always a kind of flamboyance, almost a camp element, to heavy metal," says legendary producer and musician Steve Albini, citing a key distinction. "The grunge bands were much for straightforward in their presentation."

"Rudimentary wasn't the right way to put it," he adds. "It was functional musicianship."

Comparing '90s grunge outfits to the hair bands of the previous decade, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil explains in no uncertain terms why he'd rather not be associated with that strand of metal.

"Those bands sounded like the Partridge Family with fuzzy guitars," Thayil says. "We didn't sound like that."

Tune in this Saturday night at 10:00PM ET to VH1 Classic to watch the rest of the episode.

Watch 'Sneak Peak of 'Metal Evolution' Episode 7' Video

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