This weekend, VH1 Classic will premiere episode five of their 'Metal Evolution' series. Hosted and directed by Canadian filmmaker Sam Dunn, the 11-part documentary has already garnered rave reviews across the metal community from fans and artists alike.

"Well, I've learned a hell of a lot about metal [laughs], a lot more than what I knew. I think that when you're a fan of the music, you just love the bands that you know and you follow the bands that you're passionate about and you go to the shows that you want to see, but especially after doing 'Metal Evolution,' which is 11 one-hour episodes on the history of metal, I've learned a lot more about how like a band like the MC5 from Detroit was a really important band in establishing heavy music in America in the '60s, learned that the Black Sabbath guys grew up listening to jazz music and that was hugely influential on them. So I've certainly learned a lot about how metal is connected to other styles of music and to the rise of counter-culture in the '60s too," Dunn told Noisecreep in an interview last month.

Noisecreep brings you an exclusive sneak peak into the fifth episode of 'Metal Evolution' which focuses on the glam metal acts and other artists that came out of the Sunset Strip in Southern California.

Watch 'Sneak Peak of 'Metal Evolution' Episode 6' Video

Tune in this Saturday night at 10:00PM ET to VH1 Classic to watch the rest of the episode.

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