The '90s are generally remembered as a peaceful, economically stable time -- a golden age of Teletubbies and dial-up Internet -- but as far as rock music is concerned, the decade ended on an ugly note. Held over three days in July 1999, the Woodstock '99 festival was marred by vandalism and sexual assaults. Much of the mayhem reportedly took place during Limp Bizkit's set, making a major turning point for the nu-metal movement.

That oft-derided genre is the subject of episode 8 of Vh1's 'Metal Evolution' series, and in the exclusive sneak preview below, members of Limp Bizkit recall the ill-fated outdoor concert. As singer Fred Durst explains, fans misunderstood the message of songs like 'Break Stuff,' which inspired concertgoers to do just that.

"I don't think they understood that I meant, 'OK, let's get rid of all that negativity so we can bring positive in," Durst says. "That means start jumping -- jumping and singing. It doesn't mean start raping and burning the place down. That's definitely not what I meant."

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