It's that time again. Vh1 has just released a sneak peek of the newest installment of their 11-part rockumentary 'Metal Evolution.' Today's exclusive early look is of part 4, "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal."

In the short clip, Iron Maiden's Steve Harris recalls trying to get gigs early in the band's career. The band sent a demo to Neal Kay, DJ at Heavy Metal Soundhouse. That move turned out to be pivotal for both the band and the genre of metal.

"Me and Paul went down there one night just to see what would happen when they played one of our tracks," recalls Harris in the preview clip. "Of course we weren't known then, so we just stood at the bar and watched what was going on. The entire place went crazy when the Maiden tracks came on."

Watch 'Sneak Peak of 'Metal Evolution' Episode 4' Video

'Metal Evolution' airs every Saturday night at 10:00 PM ET on Vh1 Classic. The series is hosted by filmmaker and anthropologist Sam Dunn.

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