Post-hardcore is a tricky genre to describe, and includes a wide variety of underground and mainstream influences that are blended together. Vanna, who hail from Boston, have come a long way since being signed to Epitaph, and are a good example of such a sound. While the single "Safe To Say" may cover a wide area of musical ground, their music video is simple and uncomplicated.

"Making the video was an incredible experience," guitarist Evan Pharmakis told Noisecreep. "Performance-based and to-the-point, [we] captured screens that are breathtaking and attention-grabbing." Director Dave Brodsky has worked with Bury Your Dead, God Forbid and GWAR. "Dave is awesome at what he does," Pharmakis notes, "It was a pleasure to work with him." Breakdowns, big plugs and tight black jeans a-plenty!

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