New England Metal and Hardcore Fest Founder Says Location Just Fits
New England Metal and Hardcore Fest is celebrating its 12th year of operations. The annual fest, held at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass., is always a good time and worth the cash metalheads and moshers shell out for a two-day pass. The fest is about 40 minutes outside of Boston, and founder Scott Lee told Noisecreep that the fest is held outside of the city simply because "the Palladium fit
White Noise: News on Van Halen, Marduk, Nihill, Dethklok and More
Finally, it's Friday. We've got just one more week left in July, and then it'll be August already. Boy, did this summer coast by! Maybe that's because we here at Noisecreep have been working hard all summer, to bring you all the latest heavy metal and hard rock news as well as some of the best band interviews around...
Band Blog: Vanna ‘Band vs. Road’ Tour Video Episode Three
Our Vanna saga continues as we encounter rehearsed dances, musical numbers, and epic drama - an average night at a venue on tour. We become involved in a life or death game of basketball with arch rivals Our Last Night. It becomes a battle of "who could look less awkward and out of shape on the court" and leaves no one breathless as there were no spectators...

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