Since forming in 2004, The Artery Foundation has gone on to become one of the most highly respected management companies in the underground extreme music scene. The California-based company oversees the careers of over 50 bands and producers. If that weren't enough, in 2009 The Artery Foundation launched Artery Recordings, a new joint label venture with Razor & Tie.

"It's a very busy time here at Artery. On June 21st, we have new albums from The Crimson Armada ['Conviction'] and Vanna ['And They Came Baring Bones'] coming out on the same day. It's extra cool since both bands are fans of each other's work," says Mike Milford, one of The Artery Foundation's managers.

Marianne Harris
Marianne Harris

Artist: Vanna

Hail From: Boston

Song: 'Scarlet Shroud'

Album: 'And They Came Baring Bones' [out June 21st]

Sounds Like: Every Time I Die, Memphis May Fire

Listen to 'Scarlet Shroud' from Vanna

Milford and his Artery Foundation cohorts also have their hands full on the touring front. "The Crimson Armada will be out on The Nocturnal Alliance tour which is a co-headlined by MyChildren MyBride and Impending Doom," says Milford. "Vanna will be part of a trek Artery does every year called The Summer Partery.

"This time it will also feature In Fear & Faith, A Loss for Words, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Ten After Two, and Adestria. The tour did really well last year. This summer we're also launching a new package called The All-Stars Tour which will feature Attila and Chelsea Grin. Attila's new album is called 'Outlawed' and it comes out in August and Chelsea Grin's comes out on July 19th and it's called 'My Damnation.' We're all really excited about the stuff we have lined up for the rest of 2011."

Jeremy Saffer
Jeremy Saffer

Artist: Chelsea Grin

Hail From: Salt Lake City

Song: 'All Hail the Fallen King (feat. Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel)'

Album: 'My Damnation' [out July 19th]

Sounds Like: Suicide Silence, Carnifex

Listen to 'All Hail the Fallen King' from Chelsea Grin

Noisecreep asked Milford what he looks for when signing a band to Artery. "I have to be able to connect with the band on a personal level," he said. "I can safely say that the bands that I manage and are on our roster are some of my best friends. I could care less if an artist is going to sell a million records. If a band has a real passion for what they do and is ready to sacrifice everything to make it, I'm game to help them achieve it. But I have to like them as people first. At Artery, we're all about being family and the bands here represent that all the time."

Chase Clymer
Chase Clymer

Artist: The Crimson Armada

Hail From: Columbus

Song: 'Composed of Stone (feat. Andy Adkins of A Plea for Purging)'

Album: 'Conviction' [out June 21st]

Sounds Like: Impending Doom, Whitechapel

Listen to 'Composed of Stone' by The Crimson Armada

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