Man, did we have a busy weekend, as we're sure you did. On Saturday, we braved the L.I.E. traffic to head out to a poolside barbecue with the relatives. Luckily, this year, no one blacked out and fell in the pool. We also caught a baseball game, an epic fireworks display, and even managed to make it to the beach for a few hours. Now, its back to work for most of us, unless you're Howard Stern or Steven Tyler. More on the latter in a minute. You know, we awoke this morning to discover our favorite shock jock's still on vacation. He had off all of last week, and today, is still not back in Studio 69. Anyways, let's get to the White Noise, because it's a good one.

+ Michael Jackson is still dead. So for the organizers behind his 50-date comeback stint at London's O2 Arena are now scrambling to find acts to fill in for the King of Pop, because, well, its easier than refunding millions of dollars. According to one report, it seems they'd love to get Led Zeppelin to reunite for the shows. Good luck with that. Huge money offers have allegedly been made to Led Zep and Abba, as these are seen as two of the rare acts that could rival Jackson. There's been no word from the Zeppelin camp regarding these reports, but one source claims "only Michael Jackson could sell out 50 nights at such a big arena, but Led Zeppelin and Abba combined might just rival him. There is huge money on the table."

+ In Flames will be touring the U.S. in September, along with Between the Buried and Me, 3 Inches of Blood, and the Faceless. That tour kicks off September 18 in Spokane, Wash., with dates booked through October 6 in Charlotte, N.C.

+ Polish metal masters Behemoth have been denied entry into Canada, preventing them from joining the Summer Slaughter tour's Edmonton and Calgary stops. According to a report, immigration officers told Behemoth that a new regulation regarding Polish citizens entering Canada had taken effect, but with Canada Day and the Fourth of July closing government offices, there was no way for them to obtain the last-minute forms they required to enter the country. "We couldn't be more devastated," Behemoth said in a statement. "Having to cancel these shows is one of the worst things we have had to do as a band. Canada has always treated Behemoth well and we were still fired up from our show in Montreal and Toronto. We can't wait to get back to these cities as soon as possible."

+ Kiss are the best band ever. This, according to Kiss. And now, the band's forthcoming LP, which hits stores this fall, is being touted as one of the best records ever. By someone in Kiss. Drummer Eric Singer says the album is devoid of any "ballads, slow songs, [and] filler...the band really has come full circle. Just pure straight-ahead rock and roll that has all the elements that made you love Kiss from day one. Everyone sings lead on a song and even trade-off vocal lines and parts throughout the record. Believe me, the wait is over and well worth it." Unfortunately, we've been banned from all Wal-Mart stores, so, we'll have to borrows our dad's copy.

+ Skinlab's Steev Esquivel recently spoke about the band's forthcoming album, which is "just gonna blow everyone away." The disc will be called 'The Scars Between Us,' and should include the songs "Scream At The World," "Karma Burns," and "No More Heroes." "It's a sick ugly bastard of an album," Esquivel says. "There's nothing pretty about it. We're back in full guttural mode...Fans should expect this to be the best Skinlab album yet." Listen to their new track called "Amphetamine Gods."

+ So, Aerosmith's been forced to postpone a bunch of shows because of some mystery illness within the group. Now, Reuters is reporting that two of the band's members are on the sick list. Frontman Steven Tyler has been hobbled by an unspecified injury, but some reports suggest Tyler pulled a leg muscle early last week.

+ Vanna singer Chris Preece has left the band, and will be replaced by Seeker Destroyer's Davey Muise. In a statement, Preece said that "the decision is based entirely on personal reasons and has absolutely nothing to do with drama of any sort." He says he'll "pursue other interests," and thanked fans for their support.

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