Valiet Thorr have released a blood-boiling brand new song, 'Doublecrossed.' The fast and furious number, full of dirty riffs and fraternal singalongs, will appear on 'Stranger,' the North Carolina band's fifth album in seven years, which is due out via Volcom Sept. 14. The band wasn't so sure about 'Doublecrossed' being the first taste from the album, but their doubts were quickly quelled when fan response was over the top. The song has a melody you will find impossible to purge from your brain, so go ahead, take a listen.

"'Doublecrossed' was actually the song I least wanted to put out there first," vocalist Valient Himself told Noisecreep from tour in Europe. "You get that? To me, it was just so different from everything we've done, and from everything else on the album, that I wasn't sure that it would be a good representation or that people might not get it. But, what can I say? I was wrong. The response was great, and even over here in Europe, kids are already singing the lyrics. So, yeah [laughter], I'm not always right! It's a song about being burned, time and again, by whatever -- girls, jobs, friends, life. And just being fed up with it."

September will also kick off a long string of Valient Thorr tour dates.