Don't hate -- collate! Valient Thorr loosely parody 'Office Space' in their new video for 'Torn Apart, ' which tracks the near-meltdown and fantasies of an office drone. The art of collating dominates his life and his messy desk, leaving his co-workers to wonder if and when he will lose it. It's also fun to see the bearded members of the band play paper pushers toiling in cubicle life!

The video opens with the office dude being schooled on the art of Stage 1 collating and how Stage 2 is where "the magic happens." He's also told he can come in on Saturdays, which was what Bill Lumbergh once suggested to the hapless worker drone Peter Gibbons in 'Office Space.'

The video certainly explores the notion that mundane jobs can eat away at your soul and being a wage slave, trapped in a cubicle the size of a prison cell, can tear at the fabric of your being. What else is left to do but indulge your fantasy and stimulate your brain in any way possible?

That's just what the office dude does. He finds a hole in his cube wall and is led on an adventure with a tattooed hottie on a boat. Finally, at that point, he is free to fraternize with long-haired, bearded, tattooed party animals. There is a twist at the end but we won't spoil it for you. It does involve collating. 'Torn Apart' appears on the Valient Thorr's new album, 'Own Your Masters.'

Watch Valient Thorr 'Torn Apart' Video