Unwritten Law are modern rock survivors. Through fading trends and music industry upheaval, the Southern California outfit have managed to release a succession of critically and commercially triumphant albums while building their reputation as a headlining live act. Regardless of being signed to an indie or major label, the band has kept its eye on the prize and never gave in to the type of peripheral nonsense that often distracts groups at their level.

On March 29, Unwritten Law are set to return with 'Swan,' their sixth studio album. Noisecreep is proud to present the exclusive premiere of 'Superbad,' a scorching track from the new record. We recently asked vocalist Scott Russo about the song and what we should expect from the rest of 'Swan.'

Listen to 'Superbad'

Noisecreep: Does the song have anything to do with the movie 'Superbad'?

Scott Russo: No, the song doesn't have anything to do with the movie. But that was a funny flick [laughs].

What inspired the song?

The song has kind of a cool f--- you vibe to it, and I think that best summarizes where we were when we recorded the album. We had a notoriously bad reputation and everyone had kind of written us off, so we had to bring the fire and flex on a completely different level. We had to take things to a level that no one could f--- with and where no one could talk s---.

The main riff in the song has a definite old school Southern rock vibe. Can we expect the album to have more of that style on it?

Every song on this album kind of has its own vibe and there is a little something for everyone. Everything for this album had to be perfect before we could let it come out. This album had to be everything that music is lacking, and it had to have fangs. I'm talking about fangs that were sharp enough to penetrate even the hippest hipsters and the f---ing worst, balding, self-indulgent, cynical music critics. It had to be real.

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