Unsane bassist Dave Curran, who is also a partner in the anything-but-full-lengths label Coextinction Records, recently gave Noisecreep an update on the current status of the legendary New York City noise band. It turns out that Unsane have a lot planned for this coming year and will keep fans satiated with new material to happily further their tinnitus.

"We are presently working on a new full-length album for 2011," Curran said. "Recording is planned for late May. Also in the works: a two-song 7" flexi-disc for Decibel magazine and a 2-3 song limited pressing 7" vinyl for AmRep. We are also looking to tour Europe this summer as well as a short West to East Coast tour of the US hopefully in late April."

But that's not all. In another exciting move that should thrill collectors and old-school fans of the band, Unsane will soon be offering sales of almost all of their back catalog and artwork via their newly launched website, which is viewable here.

Need more Unsane? "For now we've got three new tracks available for download at www.coextinction.com," Curran said.

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