In 2011, when recorded music is a tough sell due to the prevalence of free downloads, starting a new record label is the 'anti' thing to do. However, producer Andrew Schneider, James Paradise (Fresh Kills, Players Club, Pigs) and Dave Curran and Chris Spencer of Unsane fame have started their own label, Coextinction, on their own terms.

"Well, it's kind of an 'anti'-label I suppose," Schneider told Noisecreep. "We don't sign bands, or labor over full LP releases. We just wanted to create an outlet for artists to have some time in a studio to create whatever they want without the stress and foreboding expectations of working on and releasing a full length."

Schneider always loved the releases between releases; the EPs, 7"s, compilation tracks, rarities, odds and sods, where the pressure is off and "the artists tend to be a little freer, a little less serious and a little more experimental," he said.

"With the bottom dropping out of the industry on all fronts, it is understandably hard for a lot of labels out there today to take a chance on such releases. We are set up in such a way, between my studio, Translator Audio, and Dave's web design talents, where we can fill that void a little. For better or worse we are a total in-house operation. We also split everything 50/50 with the artists, since it is important to us as an artist-run label to create an artist-friendly community."

This method of operation certainly frees up Coextinction to have a fluid release schedule and strategy. "We like all types of music and are excited to put out lots of different bands from different scenes and genres," Schneider said. "Bottom line -- if we all like it, we will release it. We release one project on the 15th of every month online on our website. We try to work with the bands to figure out the release schedule that works best for everyone."

The releases that dot the Coextinction landscape are impressive. For example, the label released Goes Cube material a few months prior to their next full length, which is out on The End Records this month. The Julie Christmas release will come out this month just before her European tour in April. The Fresh Kills and Pigs releases come out in preparation for their next full length releases later this year. "If we can coordinate our release schedule with the artists other plans it is ideal," Schneider, who plays in Pigs with Curran and Paradise, said.

Other planned releases include music from The Brought Low, Big Business, Totioshi, Rosetta, City of Ships, and Citizens Arrest, to name a few.

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