For fans of old-school style industrial rock, there's a band on the scene ready to make its presence known.

Dallas-based True Fallacy is the brainchild of Ben Gorena. Today, the band's sophomore album Making the Noise All Go Away is out. The album is a true collaboration with Gorena's band mate and writing partner Ryan Main. Making the Noise All Go Away was three years in the making, an unheard of amount of time in today's fast-paced "write-record-release" digital world.

"I was going to school and studying medicine and was intrigued at how chemical relationships in the brain relate to human behavior," Gorena tells Noisecreep of his writing inspiration. "That sparked some ideas in terms of lyrical content, so I just jotted down some ideas and things I thought were cool and different forms of language. In terms of melodies and writing song melodies, my brain never quits doing that."

"I actually did live support for his last album and I did some stuff on stage. After that was over, we definitely started working together," Main explains. "Basically, song sketches were sent from Ben to me and I would add my flavors to it and we would just edit and edit. We spent a lot of time doing that actually, probably two years."

After the writing was done came the editing and mixing and all the tweaks that make an album full of new music sound – and feel – complete. True to form, the duo that is True Fallacy didn't take the easy way out. Instead, Gorena and Main paid tribute to the forefathers of electronic rock by using an analog modular system. In such a system, each module has a specific function. In short, this means the band didn't use computer-based synthesizers to create their unique sound.

"We didn't put together some 4/4 patterns on a computer and just let it loop for 10 minutes!" laughs Gorena.

Watch 'Message' Video

While both Gorena and Main genuinely like their status as a strong songwriting duo, both men acknowledge the need to add more players to the stage when its time for True Fallacy to hit the road. At the minimum, True Fallacy will add a drummer and guitarist to the band for live shows, for both sound quality and live aesthetic. But what if the added live musicians want to join the band? Both Gorena and Main are open to extending True Fallacy beyond a duo, providing the musicians in question are willing to put in the work and become solid writing partners.

"If that person has the same passion and is excited about it, then it will happen," explains Main. "That will be the 'thing' we have to find."

Gorena agrees and quickly adds, "If the chips fall into place and it winds up becoming a soul mate relationship like me and Ryan, then I could see us becoming a cemented three or four piece act down the road like Tool or Led Zeppelin but I think for the foreseeable future, creatively, it will just be me and Ryan for sure."

To celebrate the release of their new album, True Fallacy invites you to check out their official video for the single "Message" from the link below. For more information, you can visit the band's website.

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