With the release of their sixth studio album, Trivium continue to solidify themselves as one of the premiere metal acts around. 'Vengeance Falls' is full of crushing riffs and melodic choruses, and will likely be on many critics' top 10 lists for 2013. For Trivium fans around the globe, the excitement of this release doesn't just stem around the music itself, but the killer exclusive vinyl release as well.

Announced well-ahead of the release date, Trivium offered up fans a unique experience based around 'Vengeance Falls.' For the lucky few who didn't hesitate, they were able to pre-order a slick bundle that included a CD, t-shirt, poster, pins and the album pressed on a special blue vinyl. Before the album even dropped, the pre-orders were sold out.

"If you follow the trends of people buying music, [vinyl] is definitely coming back," Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto tells Noisecreep. "For me, I love the way the art looks."

Frontman Matt Heafy echoes Gregoletto's appreciation of the cover art: "I just saw it. It looks crazy." The artwork, designed by New York City artist Brent Elliott White, features a futuristic landscape that has several spaceships in the shape of Trivium's signature "T" logo. White has designed several album covers for rock bands including Death Angel, Whitechapel and Job for a Cowboy.

Gregoletto goes on, "That's how artwork was meant to be seen. Just having the physical vinyl, there's something about it. I think because so many classic records came out that way, it's awesome to have our own vinyl, too."

If the artwork is so important, why also go to the extra effort of doing a limited edition blue pressing? It's simple to Gregoletto: "It's something special for the fans that want to have everything. Sometimes kids will send pictures online with everything they have, more stuff than I have! Every limited edition release, radio copies of singles. It's amazing to have people so die-hard about those things. We just like to give them the opportunity to have different stuff for each album."

That mindset was obvious with the vinyl release of Trivium's previous album, 'In Waves.' "That vinyl is pretty awesome because it has that clear material," Heafy explains. "Someday, I want to do a box set of every record."

In a previous interview with Dream Theater's John Petrucci, the guitar virtuoso proclaimed his appreciation for the 'In Waves' release. "Petrucci is my favorite guitarist in the world," Heafy says, surprised that his idol would give a shout out to 'In Waves.' The love goes both ways, though. "We bought Dream Theater's new record the day it came out!"

The same excitement around 'In Waves' has been amplified with 'Vengeance Falls.' With the obvious influence of producer David Draiman, the album -- as most albums -- is best heard with no distractions, from front to back. There are few experiences better than sitting back and staring at the blue record spinning around while hearing some of the best new music of the year.

For fans who weren't lucky enough to get their hands on the exclusive blue vinyl -- limited to 500 copies -- 'Vengeance Falls' is also available on standard black wax. Both releases come housed in a sturdy gatefold jacket, featuring that epic cover art Heafy and Gergoletto are so excited about. 'Vengeance Falls' is out now, so don't wait around to get your hands on the record. And keep your eyes open for the blue record, you never know where it might pop up.

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Trivium - 'Vengeance Falls' - Limited Edition Blue Vinyl